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09/23 What rally? Gold up 0.4 , silver up 3.5% today! THERE"S your RALLY!
Comment from : jaddy540

Seph N Haven
If your holding gold and it's not on a blockchain are you really sure you own anything at all?
Comment from : Seph N Haven

Coach Alpha Elite
Nah it’s in a breakout start scraping your used spark plugs 😉
Comment from : Coach Alpha Elite

Autumn Leaf
is it too late to buy gold now? I also believe in the failing of the fiat currency system
Comment from : Autumn Leaf

clear 2b
Only physical gold is a safe haven gold on paper is just paper
Comment from : clear 2b

Golden Independence
Go 4 gold
Comment from : Golden Independence

Is this news?
Comment from : Faith

It’s hardly moves. I’ll take BTC any day.
Comment from : FuckILoveYouTubby

Frank William
That woman needs to relax
Comment from : Frank William

Hecla mining will be the beneficiary of this.
Comment from : Wohambi

Real Deal
People around the world are starting to realize fiat is a failed monetary system, silver and gold are about to explode!
Comment from : Real Deal

Dale Holmgren
I switched out of First Majestic; I think Americas Silver is a better value for the run up. Eric Sprott has invested $13M. Very excited about Pure Gold, even though their first gold pour is not until probably 15 months from now. www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10161913132100648&set=a.421559300647&type=3&theater
Comment from : Dale Holmgren

Ry Low
People talking about selling high??? Sell into what ? the failing paper fiat thats as good as Monopoly money, no thanks this is the end of fiat currency around the world a full dollar collapse, $200 trillion world debt and still counting, more money printing good luck selling into that worthless crap!
Comment from : Ry Low

Sigmundy Freud
All come from black will
Comment from : Sigmundy Freud

Metal Bum
Gold is getting hot silver is sizzling.... METAL BUM OUT
Comment from : Metal Bum

Work With Nature - How to Grow Food!
Zero rates are coming and a new type of mass Qe too. Yield curve inversion is a real leading indicator no matter if main stream media wishes to play it down. Car sales are way down. Recession is here.
Comment from : Work With Nature - How to Grow Food!

Bob Silver
Glad I bought silver along time ago...cha-ching!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Bob Silver

What idiot would possibly think silver is going to go down. It's dirt cheap. Guaranteed double in the next yr.
Comment from : skipstah70

uckBay Nguyen
The Au and Ag monsters are awaken
Comment from : uckBay Nguyen

Anthony Brookes
GOLD and SILVER are, and always will be Money, Everything else is Credit, THIS IS A FACT,
Comment from : Anthony Brookes

Nathaniel Freed
Right now my focus is on the bear miners. What I remember is how they
broke out of their daily EQ before gold actually did so they are more
overdue for correction. GDX has daily and 4hr bearish divergence on RSI
and the weekly RSI is the highest that it has ever been in 13 years.
Gold itself has the 3rd highest weekly RSI ever, except the other 2
times prior to this it was in blue sky breakout and now that is not the
case here. I am looking for daily consolidation into possibly weekly
consolidation. Taking it a day at a time, but certainly the risk to
reward favors the bears here short term. Next week I'll buy when its in
the mid to low 1400s

Comment from : Nathaniel Freed

Nez R
Another set up to hammer down on those rushing into precious metals. Repeat of 80s, and 2011 take down. Enjoy the ride! NOTHING IS SAFE! You are as safe as your liquidity level! Hedge funds will sell off everything to near zero just to get out the door before any of you will then buy back everything pennies on the dollar. DON’T BE STUPID AND FOMO INTO METALS!
Comment from : Nez R

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