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n b
lol ur charts dont mean shit !
Comment from : n b

People are like you and I....they are protecting their wealth...
Comment from : onceANexile

Joe Taz
That's the most boring dude on the planet
Comment from : Joe Taz

Hossein Abbassi
He was right
Comment from : Hossein Abbassi

Amed Sayed
Carter is the real smart man. Cnbc rest are jokers.
Comment from : Amed Sayed

Grace G
You know Americans, you are already in recession, buy gold and silver and ensure you have food and water stored.
Comment from : Grace G

m woo
In other words, nobody knows
Comment from : m woo

Adriatik Lh
1 onza gold = 100 dolar next year .
Comment from : Adriatik Lh

Sunday White Rabbit
Its silver that will be to the moon.
Comment from : Sunday White Rabbit

Sunday White Rabbit
Comment from : Sunday White Rabbit

John Colin
Bring Peter Schiff on
Comment from : John Colin

Mike T
Bless you, Carter! Thank you so much!
Comment from : Mike T

Amed Sayed
FED created this rigged game and Bernanke is one of the biggest criminal.
End the FED

Comment from : Amed Sayed

Heather 22
Thank you Carter.
Comment from : Heather 22

Gabiano Coins
Gold does not pay crap—when it goes up then falls like a rock from the top of Mount Everest—silver is worse
Comment from : Gabiano Coins

Dominic Merlo
"Out in May and stay away" Gold won't do a damn thing. Eastern countries own too much of it, the powers that be and their cohorts in London won't allow it.
Comment from : Dominic Merlo

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Gold will either break up or break down.
Comment from : acjitsu

Big Chungus
Do the opposite of what mainstream media tells you.
Comment from : Big Chungus

You know your not a trader when you use trendlines. Not a profitable trader.
Comment from : DJ-RocketMan

Minnie Mouse Rapes

7% higher! OMG "SURGING!!"


Comment from : Minnie Mouse Rapes

Da C.
Gold has started the new year strong and go weak about March for the past few years. Why would this year be any different?
Comment from : Da C.

Da C.
This is like trying to call a sports game going by stats.
Comment from : Da C.

EnriqueGuzman 1
Comment from : EnriqueGuzman 1

Ernest Gibson
2200.00 gold
Comment from : Ernest Gibson

YePapote Global
Buy Potatoes 😅🤣
Comment from : YePapote Global

Jeffrey Strongbow
buy gold and sell stock this have been paying me and my family thanks for mr parvil conrad .men of his caliber are to be holding the world economies he is real good .
Comment from : Jeffrey Strongbow

Dirty Burger
When my dog dies I'm getting him dipped in gold and stuffed with gold.
Comment from : Dirty Burger

Lincoln Harrison
I hate melissa annoyiny and clueless
Comment from : Lincoln Harrison

Matt Woodruff
Just mortgaged my house and bought gold!!!!! I'm going to be rich!!
Comment from : Matt Woodruff

Better Than You
That looks like an Amazon logo. Amazon = Gold?
Comment from : Better Than You

stephen pack
No comment
Comment from : stephen pack

James Benhart
Who is cnbc.......
Comment from : James Benhart

repo madness
Gold, I love the taste of it the smell of it the texture..oooh gold
Comment from : repo madness

Steve Long
carter is great, CNBC is not.
Comment from : Steve Long

Robert Warner
this is dumb theory, it will rise but not due to these dumb graphs
Comment from : Robert Warner

Count DaMoney
Tea leaves level of sophistication in this video.
Comment from : Count DaMoney

Jacob Shultz
Buy bitcoin buy bitcoin when they say so, lose every penny
Comment from : Jacob Shultz

Marcel F
Every one scared cause btc is coming
Comment from : Marcel F

Cognac Dreams
Gold will make an explosion in the pants
Comment from : Cognac Dreams

Aaron White
Yeah this boy guy no pizzazz today. How'd he make it on tv?
Comment from : Aaron White

Aaron White
What the fuck? Were gonna buy b/c of singe symmetries on charts. Looky here we got some handles and a cup of soup, better buy dat gold.
Comment from : Aaron White

Space Oddity
Most pathetic TA ever! But yes gold going up.
Comment from : Space Oddity

Precious metals and other similar commodity prices mostly run off investor emotion, not some charts and trend lines
(or 'cup' or 'head and shoulder' bull excrement etc...) that some prognosticator tries to apply to the market. Obviously they move on unforseen demand spikes and other events in the world but those dont follow 'trends' either. This is all magic 8-ball level advice.

I would take this advice with a very serious grain of salt. It could, by chance alone, do what he says. But I would actually bet against it. And if it does go up like he is suggesting, it is pure coincidence.

Comment from : toddfromflorida

Comment from : AL SMART

Peter K
Is this not indicative of a looming recession ?
Comment from : Peter K

Oren Elbaz
Oh dear, CNBC is positive on Gold. That means its about to tank...
Comment from : Oren Elbaz

raymond gonzalez
The guy had a 50/50 chance... These people are never "wrong"
Comment from : raymond gonzalez

Temsha Sanaie
Gold is going nowhere until stagflation takes hold which I dont see until 2025 or later. Cnbc doesnt want you to make money, they wanna manipulate you so they can make money. Did we already forget all that bitcoin talk with that pretty flashy ticker they started putting directly on the screen for a whole year while it was dropping from 20000 to 3000. Do i need to do the math to show how big a % loss that is?!
Comment from : Temsha Sanaie

"a long-term strategic asset allocation standpoint'--why not just call it 'investing'?
Comment from : Jasometer

Jorge Gomez
up and out. up and out.
Comment from : Jorge Gomez

James Hibbert
Beware the pumpers - for sure there will be a short term sting in the tail
Comment from : James Hibbert

Malibu 340
Yep gold gona get manipulated back to 1220
Comment from : Malibu 340

Little Billy
Buy McEwen Mining, First Majestic Silver, and EMX Royalty.
Comment from : Little Billy

Rob Bird
Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
Comment from : Rob Bird

Greg Dubela
Check the gold vs. bitcoin chart ;)
Comment from : Greg Dubela

Jesse Livermore
GOLDEN CROSS huge upside potential
Comment from : Jesse Livermore

Gold calls for sure
Comment from : Seadog95

Lincoln Harrison
Carter is a genius
Comment from : Lincoln Harrison

Philipp Schenk
he is absolutely right
Comment from : Philipp Schenk

Gold to $5k in 10 year time frame
Comment from : Mike

Comment from : VentNation

Bri I
Comment from : Bri I

Steven Chen
most analyst on tv calls for bullish momentum after a huge run, not before :) LOL. i looked him up for fun, so yeah. on 1/2, he called APPLE to drop to 135 after it has lost $100, since his call, apple has been nothing but up.... so yeah... free information is typically flip a coin, or even worse, promoted shit that gets you to fill in the liquidity needed so his friends/bosses can offload their holding to you guys. LOL Gold has ran from 1160 to 1325 without any significant pullback, technical on daily and weekly are screaming overbought zone, and if it is a healthy pullback, sure buy, but what if it is a reversal... you'll be buying from overbought to oversold zone... which could be like $150-$175 drop to retest 1150-1160 zone. GOOD LUCK.
Comment from : Steven Chen

Give me da gold.
Comment from : Pat

muhamed J
Gold and Silver prices are controlled through paper markets. For each oz of real gold there is 100s of Paper oz. and for Silver is far higher. Unfortunately we have communist style price control of assets in the United States. So yes i call this markets fake markets.
Comment from : muhamed J

Coin Stacks
Im betting gold is dipping back to $1280 and then it will explode later this year.
Comment from : Coin Stacks

Mike Fani
Sell stock buy gold gold gold gold gold
Comment from : Mike Fani

th tan
carter is good. but the last guy is spouting nonsense. you mean to day because there is a soft landing and gold will lose momentum? what a load of crap. gold's rally does not have to do with equities falling.
Comment from : th tan

Askformoreinfo whichyouwontget
I like what I'm hearing. I like it very much.
Comment from : Askformoreinfo whichyouwontget

philip bell
That table is full of shit all the time
Comment from : philip bell

Alex King
Just do the opposite of what he recommends. I made boat load of money going long when he says to short. Thanks carter.
Comment from : Alex King

Don't tell that to Warren Buffett because he thinks that gold just sits there and looks pretty
Comment from : IamTonyStark1

why does he sound like the godfather?
Comment from : tomtomclub88

Carter is the reason I subscribed to CNBC channel.
Comment from : AZmisc

Made a lot of money buying calls because of his plays. The more he uses his voice to speak to us mortals the more he loses his voice till he is speechless.
Comment from : Rip_Fallout

Casual Camera Tester
Dang, what happened to his voice?
Comment from : Casual Camera Tester

carter is a god
Comment from : Tom

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